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Brand New | Asics | Sketchers | Mixed Sneaker Lot | Macys Women's Shoes

Brand New | Asics | Sketchers | Mixed Sneaker Lot | Macys Women's Shoes

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  • We have a great shoe deal coming in! Ready to ship to ship in 1-3 business days.

    300 pair minimum:
    All new in boxes.

    1. Asics - $30 pp
    2. Sketchers - $25 pp
    3. Shoe Mix - $22 pp. (The only shoes out of box are Avia in this lot)

    The shoe mix has a manifest attached in the images. You can either do 300 of one specific lot, OR you can mix and match lots, 100 piece min per lot. (Ex: 100pc of Asics, 200pc Shoe Mix).

    We also have Macys women's shoe lot. All new in boxes.
    200 piece min. Mixed lot.
    $13.50 pp

    Please see attached images and videos for reference. Contact if you're interested. These will go fast.

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These flaws can consist of:

-Deodorant/makeup stains

-Washable stains

-Missing or loose buttons-Pilings or snags

Flaws beyond 15% of the total order, will be compensated as store credit.

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